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Pacific International Shippins - Your shipping and logistics service provider.
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We ship, transport and deliver all kinds of package.
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Your packages are well stored and are safe and secure
Your emotional support partners are well taken care of
We handle all packages with utmost care.
We deliver all packages on time
Your satisfaction and happiness is our main goal.


Welcome to Pacific International Shippins where all your shipping and delivery problems are solved. At PISS, we offer variety of shipping and delivery and also logistics services that meets the needs of everyone. We also offer tailored services. Making YOU satisfied is our top priority. As a growing logistics company, we have also agreed to take the initiative to set an example for others.

Over the years, we have continuously altered logistics, from creating the first green logistics product to becoming a logistics company dedicated to a zero-emissions goal. We now provide the broadest range of green logistics solutions in the market. We have introduced special green logistics solutions to assist the supply chains of our various clients in becoming more ecologically friendly and assisting them in achieving their environmental goals.

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Our top priority is ensuring the entire happiness of our valued customers. Every engagement, every offering of a product, and every service we provide is fully dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our customers. From the moment they contact with us, we make every effort to provide an outstanding experience that is suited to their needs.


Why Work With Us?

You should consider working with PISS (Pacific International Shippins) because of our dedication to putting our clients’ interests first. In order to ensure that your shipments are handled with care and reach their destination on time, we place a high priority on reliable and quick delivery while working in an environmentally friendly manner.

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